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10tons are back once more with Time Recoil for Xbox One, PC and PS4


I’m a big fan of 10tons. After all with such classics as Tennis in the Face, Baseball Riot, Crimsonland and King Oddball amongst their large collection of titles that have arrived on console in recent years, who isn’t? So when the time comes for 10tons to announce a new game, you sit down and you listen.

Today is one such day and the new title? Well, that would be Time Recoil, a top down twin-stick shooter set to arrive later this year (Q2 in fact) on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The core mechanic in Time Recoil is pretty straightforward, every kill slows down time. With each enemy kill, the ‘bullet time’ like slow motion effects begin, essentially turning the game into a fantastic showing of intense slow motion gunfights and enough action to make fans of the explosive Die Hard weep.

Features include:

  • Your mission: Locate and kill Mr. Time
  • Your super power: Kill to slow time
  • Conduct unbelievable slow motion feats
  • Dash through walls, blast them to dust!
  • Beat your friends in the speedrun-mode

“Time Recoil has a laser sharp focus on great slow motion shooter gameplay. Kill to slow time and keep killing to charge the increasingly spectacular special move. As you can see in the videos, you’ll be in the ground zero for some invigorating explosive slow motion action.” says Sampo Töyssy, Lead Designer of Time Recoil and Vice CEO of 10tons Ltd.

Time Recoil will also tell a story of both rebellion and revenge. As the last hope of a rebel organization fighting to free the world from the grip of Mr Time, an “evil mad scientist dictator”, your plan will be to locate Mr. Time and then travel through time to kill him – before he finds and destroys the rebels.

Whilst there isn’t currently much more news on what else the game entails, you can bet that it will be another spectacular showing from 10tons once more and you can be sure to hear from us with any updates in the future.

Will you be buying into 10tons’ next adventure? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.