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5 of the best moments from Ubisoft at E3 2017


Ubisoft always make you feel safe.

It must be their mix of laid back French style and range of brilliant IPs that we have fondly enjoyed for years, across many different console generations. They’re like the BMW of the games world – solid, stylish and consistent. But how did they fare this year?

Well in a word… superbly.

I’ve picked five highlights of the Ubisoft E3 2017 briefing, but there could have been many more. It was that good!

Far Cry 5

Now we knew this was coming as it was announced just before E3. But that didn’t quell my excitement and a very fruity introduction from the game director kicked things off brilliantly.

What’s really exciting about this new entry in the franchise is the setting and the co-op possibilities.

Firstly, the setting has an ultra right wing religious faction controlling an area on Montana in the USA. You find yourself trapped, unable to get out and have to take on the nutcases. It promises beautiful landscapes and gory confrontations. Two things that are obviously great.

Co-op meanwhile looks great fun with dog support, air support and sniper support on show in the trailer. 2018 and Far Cry 5 can’t come soon enough.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

I’ve played and loved every game in this 10-year-old franchise. I even enjoyed Assassin’s Creed 3. But this time we’re going back even further in time… we’re going to ancient Egypt.

We’re told we might learn how the Assassin movement began and I’m sure the whole epic lore of the franchise will be explored fully.

From the trailer and gameplay, we’ve seen that the game looks gorgeous running on Xbox One X. You have an eagle that can scout enemies for you, there are boats, hippos and lions and that’s without even mentioning the pyramids we can climb.

The underwater sections look lush and after a year long break from the franchise, I can’t wait to put my hood up and creep after my prey come October 27th 2017.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

It’s been 15 years since the first game appeared on consoles and newer gamers probably wouldn’t even know what all the fuss has been about. Hell, some might not have even been born when the original was released.

Rumors and online leaks have appeared randomly over the years, but now we finally have some concrete evidence that it exists… well a trailer at least.

But what a trailer Ubisoft delivered in respect to Beyond Good and Evil 2 – showing a wisecracking monkey, beautiful cities, hover bikes and spaceships. This game looks epic, it looks outstanding, and with the promise of the developer’s brilliant gameplay legacy, we’ll hopefully get to see it soon.

When will it be released? We don’t know, but I do know we can’t wait.

Skull and Bones

This new IP came from nowhere, but has proven to be a big E3 hit.

It’s “Sea of Thieves for grown ups” tweeted James from TheXboxHub and he’s summed it up perfectly.

Using the experience from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, we seem to have a host of online sea battles between sets of pirate teams. Each team can select a ship that has certain skills and fighting styles, like for example a brigand, which is like a tank and can cause big damage. The opposing pirates fight each other, until the winning group boards them and captures the plunder before escaping the pirate police.

Skull and Bones looks brilliant and I’m rubbing my hands with glee while thinking of getting a team of pirates together and ruling the internet seas.

Was that a Kraken I spied? We’ll have to wait a whole year to find out.

The Crew 2

I thought the original The Crew was a bit of a let down. Cross-generational graphics, boring story and some okay gameplay. But the co-op and ideas it had was top notch and it felt like the start of something that could be wonderful.

The trailer for the next chapter in the franchise – The Crew 2 no less – looks exciting, dynamic and fun.

All manner of vehicles racing across town, city and country with missions, secrets and online co-op fun to be had. But it’s in the skies that the game really looks impressive with the introduction of planes.

Could this be the game that the first one promised? I hope so and in early 2018 we’ll find out.

There were also some other titles from a very good Ubisoft E3 show that really do need mentioning. Like the new South Park game coming later in the year and a VR title with Elijah Wood about brain uploads – that looks very interesting.

The rest of this year looks great, but it’s 2018 when the real fun begins.