The free-to-play real-time strategy game, AirMech Arena is now available on Xbox 360 for all Xbox Live gamers.

In AirMech Arena, players will command large transforming mechs as they fight in an attempt to capture and protect bases whilst building colossal armies to take on waves of enemies. The more fortresses they conquer the more powerful units, pilots, items and AirMechs are unlocked. It’s up to the player on how they want to customise their armies to suit their own play style and strategies.

With nine different transforming AirMechs to choose from (each having their own unique abilities) and sixty different support units awaiting selection, there are plenty of options for how to defeat opponents. No matter the game mode, be it single player, head to head, multiplayer competitive or co-operative, teamwork and having a strategy are the vital components for success.

If you wish to download AirMech Arena then you can find it on your Xbox 360 console or via Marketplace – HERE



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