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Rarely a month goes by where we don’t see a new addition to the Xbox library coming courtesy of the puzzle kings of Artifex Mundi. With a recent drop of Queen’s Quest 2 hitting console, it is now we see gamers given the chance to head into a more modern era, with the launch of Modern Tales: Age of Invention on Xbox One.

Delivering a modern day take on the more fantastical offerings that Artifex have dealt with over the year, Modern Tales: Age of Invention on Xbox One once again gives us the chance to delve into the hidden object world, solving puzzles and working our way through numerous minigames in order to understand a sinister plot and save the world. 

See, Modern Tales thrusts us into Paris at the turn of the last century when an evil being kidnaps some of the most creative minds the world has seen. It is from here where you’ll find yourself dropped into the shoes of one Emily Patterson, as she heads forth with a detailed investigation in order to hunt down the captor and end his evil ways. 

If you’ve ever played an Artifex Mundi game previously, then you’ll know that exposition and narrative are a huge part of the adventure, and whilst the hidden objects that need uncovering, and the numerous secrets within need to be discovered, it is the tale these games present that are the real stars. Modern Tales: Age of Invention should be no different and whilst our full review is fast on its way, you should be fairly safe with a purchase of this game from the Xbox Store without having to deal with too much worry. 

A £14.99 asking price more than sells the show to Xbox One gamers the world over, particularly to those who have taken in the previous adventures that Artifex Mundi have sent out. 

Will you be spending time in this new world? Let us know in the comments below. 

Game Description:

Paris, 1900. During the world expo an unknown force kidnaps the brightest minds of the century. To what sinister end? Step into the shoes of Emily Patterson – the daughter of one of the captured scientists – to conduct your own investigation, follow the trail of the captor and thwart his evil plans before the fate of the world is sealed.


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