Gaming or slot-playing is not just limited to the physical, smoke-filled and overpriced casinos in town. There are also convenient apps for smartphones and tablets as well as games for systems such as the Xbox for those who want all the fun of a casino without having to go to the casino, or even better – not leave their house. The following article will be focusing on games from the Android Play Store and for console games made for the Xbox One. Fear not, other games exist for other platforms but being the more popular ones, these games are taking the lead in today’s article.

Smartphone Apps

For the smartphone user, although seemingly limited, when one looks beneath the surface there is a vast array of casino games available for enjoyment. Playtika offers a more well-known app for download on the Android Play Store called Caesars Slots. Playtika being the first company offering free-to-play casino games on social media has earned a great deal of fame from their creation. Their developments extend out of the Play Store and into the App store for iPhone’s and iPad’s as well.

Caesars Slots is certainly a more reputable game but several others exist on the market. Slotomania, which was also developed by Playtika, and Quick Hit Casino Slots are both well rated games right behind Caesars Slots, both of which are free to play and will provide a great gaming experience. Although there are some in-app purchase advertisements, 25-in-1 Casino and Sportsbook is a great app with a wide variety of casino games, including roulette and poker. One can even use the app to bet on sports games. Big Fish Games, another widely known app developer made the Big Fish Casino app which is also jam-packed of a variety of casino games. With the help of this app, it would be hard for one to get bored quickly.

Xbox Games

For the console gamer, fear not. There is also a great selection of games for the Xbox that will fulfill all of one’s casino needs. From the developers at 505 Studios, Prominence Poker was introduced to the gaming world. The player can create a customizable avatar that can be used to simulate the actual experience of a casino at the poker table and in the back room. There is also the option to play online against other players or to play alone to hone one’s skills. Four Kings Casino & Slots offers a multitude of games, not unlike Big Fish Casino for the smartphone. There is a higher level of customization for the avatars and even if the player is gaming solo, they won’t find themselves struggling for a challenger against the AI as it was developed to provide a decent amount of difficulty for the player.


In short, one does not have to worry about leaving their house or breaking the bank to enjoy a good round of poker or a game on the slots. All they will need is an Xbox, other gaming console or a smartphone and then they can enjoy all the fun from the comforts of their own home. Long gone are the days worrying about gambling one’s house away, and welcomed are the days of a fun, virtual casino experience.