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August 17, 2017

Spotify arrives on Xbox One – But should you buy in to another subscription?

Ah, subscriptions. Every day subscription services in the music and media industry receive new customers, all willing to pay money for a service that gives them something they want in a convenient way - whether that’s through services like Xbox Live and EA Access, or others like Netflix or Amazon. Nevertheless, with so many subscriptions available, and many of us already signed up to more than one, is another subscription service really something you should be looking to tie yourself into?
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August 3, 2017

6 of the most anticipated Xbox One games still to come in 2017

Once again August has retained its name as being the noticeable calm before the storm, as we move towards the imminent arrival of the blockbuster triple A games quickly heading our way. Along with some potential surprise packages, our ever-growing wish lists will soon be freshly swamped over as the rest of 2017 is set up to be a highly anticipated time for gamers. The last quarter of our gaming calendar is always one of pure excitement as new developers, along with our favourite ones, turn up to give us their latest titles. Games that introduce us to new heroes and transport us into imaginative new worlds are set up, ready and waiting to be delivered to fans in what is shaping up to [...]
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August 2, 2017

5 Original Xbox games that must be on the Xbox One Backwards Compatible list

E3 2017 and many people tuned in to Microsoft's E3 conference to find out about the highly-anticipated Project Scorpio. Of course, we now know it as Xbox One X and it will be the world’s most powerful console. As we also discovered during the same conference, not only will the Xbox One X be able to run in native 4K, HDR, blah blah blah, but it will also be able to play games over 15 years old as part of the announced Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility! They confirmed that Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge will be the first game available from the original Xbox and Microsoft have even gone as far to say they may be able to retrospectively add Achievements to first party games. So [...]
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July 31, 2017

Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for August 2017 any good?

So here we are with the start of a new month on the horizon and a number of new games being gifted to all Xbox One and Xbox 360 players via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for August 2017. With the free gifts of recent months having been criticised by many for their lack of quality and excitement, does August manage to build on past offerings?
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July 29, 2017

4 new arrivals hit Xbox One Backward Compatibility to break the 400 mark – But are they worth the return?

Not so long ago we brought you our thoughts on the last set of backwards compatible titles to arrive on Xbox One as Microsoft closed in on the 400 Xbox backwards compatible games figure. This week has seen another fresh batch of games brought back, which now pushes that number up and over the four century mark. But, the big question is this - are they worth heading back to or should they be left in the past?
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July 26, 2017

What Did The Destiny 2 Beta Get Wrong?

In a challenge similar to that which faced Hercules when he upset his daddy, I've been asked to put together a piece on what Bungie got wrong with the version of Destiny 2 that they recently let us get on hands on with. Now, those of you who have read the pieces I've scribbled about Destiny will know that I am partial to a bit of Bungie's masterpiece. The word "fanboy" has been tossed about, and in all fairness I can't argue with that epithet. However, as I touched on with my opinion piece about the beta, it wasn't a clean sweep or a slam dunk for Bungie this time around. So what I'm going to do is list the things that I feel need to be tweaked before the full game comes out.
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July 24, 2017

Destiny 2 Beta: Thoughts Of A Destiny Fanboy

The last thing anyone should expect from a piece written about Destiny (or indeed Destiny 2), authored by yours truly, is objectivity. However, I'm going to make a monumental effort to try and not let my blind fanboyism get in the way as I write about the recent beta of Destiny 2, as not everything in the garden is looking rosy.
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July 21, 2017

What Happened To Story DLC For Grand Theft Auto 5?

The success story of Grand Theft Auto 5 is one that many a news outlet has written litanies on. Rockstar came, saw and conquered, propelling their title to the position of best selling non-bundled game of all time with well over 80 million copies moved, not counting digital sales. The story few tell, however, is how all that fame, praise and money ended up killing – most likely – the prospect of a single player expansion.
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July 7, 2017

6 of the best Xbox One games from the first half of 2017

It seems like it was only yesterday when we were celebrating the arrival of 2017 in style. We had a hell of a year to look forward to as well - with numerous AAA titles hotly anticipated, a ton of Indie games to look forward to and the announcement of Project Scorpio - now Xbox One X - to be confirmed. But which Xbox One games have really shone through the first half of 2017? Well, you’d do well to find anything better than the following six titles.
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July 6, 2017

6 of the worst Xbox One games from the first half of 2017

So, 2017 is at the halfway point and we’ve seen a whole host of games cross our paths throughout the first six months of the year. There have been great games, there have been good games and there have been average games. But, for one reason or another, there have also been games that are crap, utterly disgusting affairs that are not worth anyone’s time. Bluntly put, if you’ve got any of the six games found below in your digital Xbox One library, you should be ready to burn your hard drive at the earliest opportunity.
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