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January 21, 2017

Hands-on at the Halo Wars 2 Preview Event

I recently had the pleasure of attending a hands-on Halo Wars 2 event in London. I arrived at a warehouse decked in neon lights, cut-outs of key characters and a huge cinematic-style backdrop with “Halo Wars 2” logos plastered everywhere in sight. It wasn’t long before I sat down at an Xbox One station (PCs were on the opposite side but my hand-eye coordination is poor at the best of times - I needed to have the familiar Xbox One controller in my hands if I were to be effective). Surrounded by fellow gaming enthusiasts, we all loaded into a campaign mission.
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January 21, 2017

Micro Machines World Series – Will it succeed?

Micro Machines was a series of games based upon the collectible toy car range that launched in the 1980’s. The first game was released in 1991 and the series featured 4 main entries, plus a number of spin offs, the last of which released back in 2006. An iOS and Android release came last year but for many, the announcement that Micro Machines World Series is arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC will feel like the reboot they were so craving. The question now though is will it succeed? The gaming landscape has changed completely in the 10 years since the last release, dominated by online gaming and alternative business models.
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January 11, 2017

Resident Evil 7 biohazard – What we want from Capcom’s biggest I.P.

So, we’re finally here - the start of the new year and one of the biggest releases is already just around the corner. But with Resident Evil 7 just a few short weeks away, a look back past the cryptic messages that have been sent our way via the internet, and of course the incredibly tense and fear mongering beginning hour demo, shows that a lot of the game’s secrets are still under wraps. We may not have much to go on about what we can definitely expect from Capcom’s best-selling series this time around, but here’s some of the things we want to see from Resident Evil 7 biohazard.
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January 10, 2017

Scalebound’s cancellation is a bad day for all Xbox One gamers – but what went wrong?

Scalebound, an action RPG developed by Platinum Games exclusively for the Xbox One has been cancelled. Rumours began swirling when Microsoft omitted mention of Scalebound in its Xbox Wire post which discussed the future of Xbox One. The rumours reached fever pitch yesterday when Kotaku reported that they had been in touch with Microsoft who simply replied that they’d have more information on Scalebound “soon”. The official news from Microsoft and Platinum Games came soon after. Should we have seen this coming? Why did this happen? What does this mean?
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January 4, 2017

5 of the most surprising Xbox One games of 2016

Okay so 2017 may be here, but with so many games due out each year it can take a while before we finish the delights of the year before. After all, every game maintains that it will offer everything we want in a game and with so many failing to deliver it can more often than not end in disappointment anyway. Sometimes though the opposite happens, and whilst we sit watching a release come by, expecting it to be a bit pants, there will be millions of players out there enjoying a fine masterpiece right under our nose.
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January 1, 2017

Were 2016’s free Xbox Games With Gold titles worth the bother?

Whilst it is great to have free games thrust our way each and every month, has the Xbox Games With Gold scheme delivered enough quality throughout 2016 to make it worthwhile?
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December 30, 2016

5 of the worst Xbox One games of 2016

Forza Horizon 3. Battlefield 1. Final Fantasy XV. Rocket League. DOOM. I could go on and on about the great games that came the way of Xbox One owners throughout 2016, but I won't because this article isn't about those fun bringers. Instead it's about those games which have failed to deliver any inkling of entertainment. The ones which have failed straight off the bat. The ones which have, without beating round the bush, been a bit crap.
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December 30, 2016

TheXboxHub’s Indie Xbox One Games of the Year 2016

Being an Xbox One gamer is great. Not only do we get access to a number of huge titles from big developers and publishers, but the indie scene is alive and kicking. In fact, it could be said that the indie developers working on Xbox One games are what keep things flowing so nicely. So with that in mind the entire team here at TheXboxHub have got together to nail down our top 5 (/6) Indie Xbox One titles for 2016. What is the best indie title to have released on Xbox One in 2016?
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December 30, 2016

TheXboxHub’s Xbox One Games of the Year 2016

It's been one hell of a year to be an Xbox One gamer with a huge number of new games arriving on our favourite console throughout 2016. Some came with huge budgets, others dropped with little fanfare or cash behind it. Here at TheXboxHub we spent the year reviewing more than 300 titles, from the good and the bad, the the beautiful and the ugly. But which were our favourite games of the year and which one title should be crowned TheXboxHub's Xbox One Game of the Year 2016? Well, we got our heads together and saw the following come up trumps.
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December 29, 2016

The Top 10 PS4 exclusive indie titles we’d love to see on Xbox One

There are people out there that will scoff at the thought of playing anything that isn’t backed by a huge triple-A budget. There are however others who will set some time aside to play through the smaller indie games and we reckon most will have several games that spring to mind when thinking back on favourite gaming experiences. So, with that in mind, here are our top 10 PS4 exclusive indie titles we’d love to see on Xbox One.
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