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August 3, 2017

6 of the most anticipated Xbox One games still to come in 2017

Once again August has retained its name as being the noticeable calm before the storm, as we move towards the imminent arrival of the blockbuster triple A games quickly heading our way. Along with some potential surprise packages, our ever-growing wish lists will soon be freshly swamped over as the rest of 2017 is set up to be a highly anticipated time for gamers. The last quarter of our gaming calendar is always one of pure excitement as new developers, along with our favourite ones, turn up to give us their latest titles. Games that introduce us to new heroes and transport us into imaginative new worlds are set up, ready and waiting to be delivered to fans in what is shaping up to [...]
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August 2, 2017

5 Original Xbox games that must be on the Xbox One Backwards Compatible list

E3 2017 and many people tuned in to Microsoft's E3 conference to find out about the highly-anticipated Project Scorpio. Of course, we now know it as Xbox One X and it will be the world’s most powerful console. As we also discovered during the same conference, not only will the Xbox One X be able to run in native 4K, HDR, blah blah blah, but it will also be able to play games over 15 years old as part of the announced Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility! They confirmed that Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge will be the first game available from the original Xbox and Microsoft have even gone as far to say they may be able to retrospectively add Achievements to first party games. So [...]
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July 7, 2017

6 of the best Xbox One games from the first half of 2017

It seems like it was only yesterday when we were celebrating the arrival of 2017 in style. We had a hell of a year to look forward to as well - with numerous AAA titles hotly anticipated, a ton of Indie games to look forward to and the announcement of Project Scorpio - now Xbox One X - to be confirmed. But which Xbox One games have really shone through the first half of 2017? Well, you’d do well to find anything better than the following six titles.
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July 6, 2017

6 of the worst Xbox One games from the first half of 2017

So, 2017 is at the halfway point and we’ve seen a whole host of games cross our paths throughout the first six months of the year. There have been great games, there have been good games and there have been average games. But, for one reason or another, there have also been games that are crap, utterly disgusting affairs that are not worth anyone’s time. Bluntly put, if you’ve got any of the six games found below in your digital Xbox One library, you should be ready to burn your hard drive at the earliest opportunity.
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June 26, 2017

Ten Of The Most Memorable Xbox One Boss Fights

Bosses eh? They're a funny bunch. Sometimes they are too easy, sometimes insanely hard, but when they are done well, the memory of the fights can stay with you long after the game is over and done with. I've sat down, pulled on my thinking cap and had a good look back through all the games that I've played on Xbox One since its launch. From this mammoth brainstorming session, I've culled my ten most memorable boss fights. They aren't all the hardest by any means, and some of them are memorable for some strange reasons, but at the end of the day they've stayed with me.
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April 11, 2017

5 of the best free-to-play games on Xbox One

Being a gamer these days can be pretty expensive, with top titles always lurking just around the corner, looking to relieve you of a decent amount of cash. So it’s a welcome relief to see an influx of free-to-play titles hit the Xbox One in recent times, providing a variety of games to delve into without a price tag. Sure, most of the time the developers actively encourage the purchase of add-ons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy free-to-play titles and keep your wallet out of sight.
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April 1, 2017

5 of the best Golf games on Xbox One

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the fact that the wonderful world of golf is enjoyed by many. When the weather is cold and miserable though, or you just can’t get out of bed to make that stupidly early tee time, the draw of the Xbox One sitting under your television is perhaps just too much to ignore. But that’s not to say you can’t still get your golfing fix as there are now a number of well rounded golfing titles available on our favourite games console. So don your long socks, get your spikes on and prepare to settle down as we drive you through 5 of the best golfing titles on Xbox One. It’s not always a good walk ruined you know.
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January 26, 2017

Five of the best board games on Xbox One

When family and friends come round, the drinks are flowing and the chat grows tiresome, it’s usually time to venture to the board game cupboard. Half the time is spent setting it up and packing it away, but there’s an even easier way to enjoy the world of board games at the press of a button... via the Xbox One.
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January 4, 2017

5 of the most surprising Xbox One games of 2016

Okay so 2017 may be here, but with so many games due out each year it can take a while before we finish the delights of the year before. After all, every game maintains that it will offer everything we want in a game and with so many failing to deliver it can more often than not end in disappointment anyway. Sometimes though the opposite happens, and whilst we sit watching a release come by, expecting it to be a bit pants, there will be millions of players out there enjoying a fine masterpiece right under our nose.
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December 19, 2016

Top 10 PS4 exclusives we’d love to see on Xbox One

Gaming can be quite a tough hobby. After all, unless you’re lucky enough to have both an Xbox One and a PS4 sat beneath your TV, then at some point you’ve been forced to choose which games you’re going to want to play. There’s no denying that both consoles have their fair share of impressive exclusive titles, but with games constantly being split between the powers that be, it can put a real dampener on those looking to enjoy gaming for what it is. Whilst we could sit here all day and preach of how much better it would be to see all games available on all platforms, exclusive games are here to stay. So, with that in mind, here are our top 10 PS4 exclusive titles we’d love to see [...]
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