Admit it, you want an excuse to play Snake Pass again don’t you? Yeah? Great, because as the game celebrates one year of slithering snake-fuelled fun the team at Sumo Digital have released a brand new update – and this enables a time based score attack mode!

Snake Pass wowed the crowds when it first released back in 2017, but aside from sliding through multiple levels, replayability options were a little lacking. But from today all that changes as Sumo Digital have released a new free update that utterly transforms the gameplay.

Available from today on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, the Snake Pass: Arcade Mode Pack transforms Snake Pass into a time-based score attack game, utilising all 15 levels from the story.

This adds a whole new way to play Snake Pass away from the usual challenges as you get to snake around each of the levels, eating as much fruit as possible to earn huge scores! You’ll be given the chance to rack up massive multipliers and race to the gate before the time runs out as you compete with friends thanks to full online leaderboard support.

In order to get involved, you’ll just need to complete a level in the story, seeing Arcade Mode becoming unlocked for it. When selecting the level, you will see an “Arcade Mode” option available, select it and start racking up those high scores!

“We could not think of a better way of passing on our thanks to all of our fans, who have played Snake Pass over the last year”, said Seb Liese, creator of Snake Pass. “The Arcade Mode Pack, introduces a new way to play, as you compete with friends across global leaderboards to see who can be the world’s slickest slitherer!”

If you haven’t yet played Snake Pass then we urge you to read our full review and then get a purchase in. To celebrate the release anniversary and the introduction of the Arcade Mode Pack, Snake Pass will be discounted by 50% on Nintendo Switch eShop, Xbox One Store and Steam from March 27th to April 10th!


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