Gears of War 4 may have been released a few months back but that doesn’t mean the content will be drying up any time soon, and today marks another occasion – one in which new content hits Gears of War 4.

Available right now for download on the Xbox Games Store for all Gears of War players is Blood Drive and Clocktower – the two latest multiplayer maps to be brought into the Gears of War 4 experience. Both maps are available for free to all season pass holders, whilst those without the pass can purchase each of the new maps individually for the price of £4.19 each. Whilst some may look on at the higher price of a single map in shock, it goes without saying that these are two quality editions to an already great game that can only enhance things even more.

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Blood Drive – After E-Day, civilian medical centers worked around the clock to provide a safe haven for the evacuated to keep Gears on the battlefield. Strong, protected high ground and an abundance of chokepoints make for exciting offensive and defensive scenarios.

Clocktower – The swarm’s arrival at this forgotten city center has bought this once revered plaza from disrepair to complete ruin. Fighting underneath the clocktower is the fastest route to combat, but the elevated City Hall is a powerful defensive position for sniping and map control.


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