Prepare for an epic adventure in the Forest Kingdom with Bob, a DragoDino, as your platforming skills are put to the test. Can you help Bob find his precious lost egg?

In DragoDino, the aim is to guide Bob higher and higher up a giant tree, through 10 levels, on the quest to recover the egg at the top. Although the goal is to simply climb all the way up in this roguelike platformer, the guardians won’t let you past without putting up a fight. Bob is a clever reptile though, with some useful powers which enable him to jump really high, create platforms and fire off powerful energy balls at hostile creatures. Through it all, players must adapt to an increasingly intimidating environment that’s randomly generated too.

The retro inspired DragoDino looks to provide a real challenge to players and if you’re up to the task then it can be purchased right now on the Microsoft Store for £7.99. There’s also the option of local co-op to share the difficulty with a friend or relative.

Is a colourful 2D platformer like DragoDino something that you’re after?  Be sure to keep an eye out for a review in the near future to help you make that all important decision to purchase it or not.

Game Description:

Fight your way to the top in DragoDino, an epic adventure set in an ever changing world! Meet Bob, a cute DragoDino, and guide him through the 10 levels of the Forest Kingdom in a quest to recover his lost egg stuck atop a giant tree. Explore and fight enemies to reach ever higher, collecting powers on your way up to help you in your quest. But be careful, the guardians you’ll meet won’t let you through that easily. Mix and match power ups, play as various DragoDinos, taking advantage of each one’s abilities. Enjoy 2 difficulty modes, plus a free mode to practice and improve. In solo or in co-op, rise to the challenge! Key features : 10 levels 2 Difficulty Modes : Normal (3 lives w/ checkpoints) / Hardcore (1 life, no checkpoint) 2 Playable Characters with 2 Skins 40 Power Ups 50 Enemies Bosses A Local Co-op Mode A Cartoon world 2 Unlockable Characters Special Items revealing Story Content An Original Soundtrack


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