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Anyone who has found themselves falling in love with the wonderful world of Farm Together on Xbox One will know just how much of a draw tending to crops, taking care of animals and creating the ultimate farm can be. Well now, thanks to the addition of two new content packs, that farm creation process has taken on a whole new lease of life.

Following on from the previous DLC additions of the Ginger, Jalepeno and Wasabi packs come two new add-ones which yet again see the farming vibe enhanced. Priced up at £3.29 each, the Chickpea Pack and the Mistletoe Pack are those additions, dropping in new outfits, decorations and farm items to all purchasers.

The Chickpea Pack for Farm Together on Xbox One brings about a Medieval theme, with two new outfits (male and female), delivering 3 different skins in the process. Further to this are a couple of new hairstyles, with a new backpack of the Lute, a new Carob Tree, a Medieval Castle to call home and a whole host of additional house decorations and walls chucked on. Add in the chance to grow and harvest Chickpea (hence the name) and keep your animals safe from harm thanks to the new Jousting Fence, and you’ll quickly see why this Chickpea pack would be of interest.

The Mistletoe Pack does a similar job, this time taking us on a Viking ride. Again, two new outfits and 3 skins hit home, along with the Shield backpack and Viking Longhouse to house your wares. A Meadery is also included as is the chance to grow some Mistletoe and add the likes of Viking Columns and Arches to your farm. Once more, additional house decorations, a new floor, wall and more complete the set.

Should you be looking to take your Farm Together game to the next level and need some new items and crops to focus your time on then the Chickpea and Mistletoe DLC packs for Farm Together on Xbox One should certainly be considered. The low price points help and so if you are tempted by either, just pop on over to the Xbox Store and get them downloaded.

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Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below if you’ll be grabbing these latest content packs. If not, what would you like to see included in Farm Together in the future?

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