Fans of twin-stick shooters should pay attention to the Crimson Chrome Bundle, which brings a combined discount to two of 10tons’ catalogue of games.

This double pack of games allows you to pick up both Neon Chrome and Crimsonland for a cheaper price (around £3) than purchasing them separately. Neon Chrome is an overly challenging cyberpunk top-down shooter with procedurally generated levels and destructible environments. Crimsonland is the real star of the show though, throwing hordes of critters your way, and combining that with intuitive gameplay and a chaotic local co-op offering which only adds to the fun.

If you’re looking to add these to your gaming library, then the Crimson Chrome Bundle will cost you £19.99 from the Xbox Games Store.

Game Description:

Get two outrageously good twin stick shooters at a great price! Neon Chrome is a ruthless cyberpunk top-down shooter with roguelike twists, cybernetic enhancements, procedurally generated levels, destructible environments and thrilling boss battles. Can you stop the Overseer? Crimsonland is a cult classic arena shooter with massive hordes of hundreds of enemies on screen at the same time, dozens of weapons, immensely gratifying powerups and addictive online leaderboard competition. How long will you survive?


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