We’re all used to games being updated with patches. What we aren’t quite so used to is seeing it change between review and release!

But that seems to be what is going to happen to Crimson Dragon.

The Xbox One title received less than favourable reviews before release, many stating it was too hard, others complaining that it wouldn’t look out of place on an Xbox 360 or even worse, as an iOs/Android game. As it currently stands, Metacritic has it running at a rather poor 55%.

crimson dragon pic 1

And so game director is looking to make changes…..before it’s release! Yukio Futatsugi said ‘”I’m excited to have the opportunity to make these changes before the game releases on Xbox One this week. Thank you all for the feedback. You are truly helping me make ‘Crimson Dragon’ the game that I hoped it would be.”

Whether these ‘changes’ will make the game a whole lot better or not, we’ll have to wait and see. But I’ve got a feeling these ‘early updates’ could quite easily become common place on the next gen.




Source: Kotaku


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