If you’ve been looking to take your Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame experience to the next level then today’s content drops will be able to help you out. Not only are there a number of rider customisation packs now available for purchase, but a whole new track promises to test your skills.

Available for purchase and download right now is the £3.99 Compound – a brand new Monster Energy track – and three rider packs that bring a bit of fire into the equation.

Compound allows you to further test your riding skills as it takes us to the outdoors and two new tracks full of jumps and lumps. Whether you’re hitting things with a Supercross or Motocross bike matters little, but the chance to best your PBs in Time Attack, or pit your wits against other riders in a Single race should no doubt apppeal.

If you’d prefer to go all fancy and kit your team out with the latest gear and liveries though, then the Redfire, Yellowfire and Bluefire custom rider packs will happily sort you out. Priced at a mere £0.79 each, this bring three new goggles, boots, helmets, pants and jerseys, allowing you to line up on the grid looking the part.

For the low price, these rider packs are somewhat tempting but you’ll obviously need to be a pretty hardcore Monster Energy Supercross player for a skin or three to really be a consideration. If that is you, head on over to the Microsoft Store and pick them – and the Compound – up. Those already holding the Season Pass for the game should see the latest content automagically arrive in their game!

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Compound DLC Description:

Expand your gameplay with the new Monster Energy Supercross – Compound. Discover the outdoor compound with two tracks and test your abilities with new and exciting challenges. Select between a Supercross and a Motocross track and either better your performance in the Time Attack Mode or compete against other AI in the Single race mode.