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Deep Silver Sale and Week 1 of the Anime Month Sale arrive on Xbox One – Which bargains should you pick up?


Sales are starting to become a much more frequent occurrence on Xbox One lately. Not so long ago we had the huge countdown sale that ran into the new year, and of course each week, without fail, we have a new selection of deals available courtesy of the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale. But every now and then a publisher sale will pop up and give us a nice selection of titles to pick from an established library of games, and this time that comes courtesy of Deep Silver with a sale running from February 7th through February 13th.

Running alongside that is the seemingly poorly named Anime Month sale in which non-anime, action based hack and slash titles make up its contents – with new titles said to be offered next week, and changing each week for the rest of the month. But let’s disregard the names as the real interest comes from the deals on offer so let’s take a look and see which of the deals available represent a good bargain that’s just begging for your attention.

GrabThis War of Mine: The Little Ones – 70% off – £7.20 – Deep Silver Sale

this war of mine pic 1

War is a subject that receives a fresh outlook from a new game every year, but whilst many games cover war from the soldiers point of view or those taking part in the fight, not many deal with those it affects behind the scenes. This War of Mine changes all that, with its dark and gritty gameplay focused on a family dealing with the current effects of a war time situation. Throughout the game players will be required to scavenge for food and supplies at night, whilst military fire brings a new problem during the day. Whilst night time searches may sound easy, it’s the unforgiving life or death decisions that will decide on how you look after the little ones.

With children introduced into the game, breaking into a home in the middle of the night to take those much-needed supplies can be met with a tough choice to make, do you steal from a helpless elderly couple leaving them to die alone, or do you let your family starve from hunger, and will your eventual decision to go on the hunt for supplies result in your home being raided whilst your away. These are all things that can affect the player in This War of Mine: The Little Ones and it may well be one of the best insights into war we shall ever see on console. At just over 7 quid you could certainly do much worse with your money, we reckon grab it whilst you can.

GrabDead Island Definitive Collection – 60% off – £10.00 – Deep Silver Sale


Zombie games are in plentiful supply these days, after all you’d be hard pushed to find a series on the Xbox games store that hasn’t had some type of zombie filled content woven into the franchise.

One of the best recognised zombie series however will always be the Dead Island series, and even with the release of Dead Island 2 up in the air, it seems the arrival of the first two iterations in a remastered collection, along with the new side-scrolling adventure were much appreciated by the zombie slaying community. So to be able to grab all three titles for just a tenner is certainly one of the best bargains you’ll be seeing for a while.

From Banoi to Palanai, the Dead Island Definitive Collection is the perfect zombie experience for anyone who loves a bit of gore in their open worlds, whilst offering a fully-fledged upgrade and levelling system for those who like a good RPG romp with their zombie outings.

GrabMetro Redux Bundle – 80% off – £4.80 – Deep Silver Sale

metro redux pic 2

The Metro series was a rather surprising find for me back on Xbox 360, it wasn’t until I had read the novels by Dimitry Glukhovsky that I had even been aware of the interactive approach to post-apocalyptic Moscow that was available in the world of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. But a venture into the world of the first-person shooter was certainly one I remember fondly, with its engaging story and in depth characters, the Metro titles offer some of the best FPS gameplay available on console. With an interesting variety of monstrous enemies that must be battled with limited ammunition – that’s also used as in-game currency – the Metro titles also provide the need for resource management making every encounter a strategy inducing minefield.

For the mere price of just £4.20 those who haven’t yet picked up this fantastic bundle, should take no second thoughts before grabbing it this time out.

Grab – DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition – 67% off – £7.92 – Anime Month Sale


I’m not sure what’s defined as Anime any more. After all, past titles that have offered players a heavy hack and slash action adventure have always been associated with Action rather than Anime, and with the Devil May Cry series being the popular offspring of a near finished prototype for the Resident Evil franchise, it’s hard to see how it ties in. Nevertheless, DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition is included in the week one sales for the Anime Month offerings and at just under 8 quid you certainly won’t find us complaining.

We could have very easily picked the other DMC title on offer with Devil May Cry 4 also being in the sale, but due to its slightly cheaper price tag this week and the reboot offering a story that delves into an alternate reality for the series, it’s the Definitive Edition that grabs our vote.

DMC Devil May Cry puts players in the shoes of Dante, a Nephilim: Half-Angel, Half-Demon. Joined by his twin brother Vergil, sets off on his quest to kill the Demon King Mundus, after he murdered their mother and condemned their father to banishment. Wielding Dante’s iconic sword as well as various other melee weapons and firearms, players must hack their way through the horrendous enemies that set foot in Dante’s path, in order to exact revenge on the challenging Demon King in one of the best action adventures available today.

LeaveF1 2016 – 45% off – £30.24 – Deep Silver Sale

f1 2

For those that keep a watchful eye for our thoughts on the weekly Deals With Gold, you’ll realise that we’ve recently found ourselves advising you to leave certain titles simply due to price rather than quality. And it seems F1 2016 is another that falls into that category.

Whilst F1 2016 is certainly no bad game, with it instead being one of the best iterations for some time, there’s no shying away from the fact that F1 2017 is closing in, and with closed betas already getting underway, you’d probably be best keeping that cash back for the updated version when It releases later this year… rather than sticking to a roster that has the now retired F1 World Champion snapping at your heels at every turn.

So, there we have it. Our choices on the best deals available in the Deep Silver and Anime sale are confirmed. With up to seven quality games for those looking to take advantage of our thoughts, there is more than enough on offer – with a wallet friendly price attached – to keep players tied over well into the year. Just fire up your console and grab the discounts now.