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From the developer behind Syndrome comes Those Who Remain – another exciting horror adventure


After proving themselves with a fine horror experience in Syndrome, indie development studio Camel 101 are back, and this time they are looking to bring players an all new horror experience that dives into the realms of the psychological thriller with Those Who Remain.

This time around, players will be switching the confines of the dark corridors onboard the Valkenburg spaceship for a more local option, with the game taking place within the quiet and small town of Dormont. Playing as Edward Turner, players will need to ensure they stay in the light at all costs.

Whilst space monsters and survival are no longer your primary focus, things are still equally terrifying. Those Who Remain will force players into a thrilling puzzle-adventure game with a story unlike any other you’ve experienced before. But whilst puzzles will be the main focus, there’s still going to be a fair share of monstrous enemies for players to worry about.

As for the protagonist, Edwin Turner is nothing more than your usual ordinary man with a slightly troubled past. After arriving in the wrong place at the wrong time he soon finds things aren’t quite right, and with strange creatures roaming in the dark, killing anyone and anything that gets close, the only way to survive is to stick to the light and avoid the shadows.

With monsters roaming free in the dark, the biggest threat in Those Who Remain is without a doubt the ethereal darkness, but with lights sometimes failing, players will be forced to run if they hope to avoid those which lurk in the darkness but must also hide from the physical monsters that stalk the player through the light and dark.

One of the most important mechanics within Those Who Remain however are the “mirror worlds” found within the game. Mirror Worlds act as portals with players able to transfer to new yet similar areas in a mirrored version of the real world. Actions will affect the real world, meaning some puzzles will only be solved by utilising clever puzzle solving mechanics across all areas, making for a rather unique horror experience.

There is no confirmed release date for the game at present, however it is expected to arrive in 2018 on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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