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EGX 2014 is just around the corner and Bioware’s epic Dragon Age saga will continue to evolve as Inquistion will be live and playable at EGX 2014.

With the full game dropping on Xbox One and Xbox 360 come November 21st, fans of Dragon Age will be more than interested to get to grips with the multiplayer side of things for the first time in Europe. But that’s not all, additionally you will be able to delve depper into the game, getting invaluable insight into the development process straight from the dragon’s mouth, as Dragon Age Inquisition’s Director of Art & Animation, Neil Thompson delivers one of EGX’s renowned developer sessions on Thursday September 25 at 1pm. This session will also be streamed live via the EGX Twitch channel.

Powered by the Frostbite 3 engine, Inquisition will throw players into a vast, living and highly immersive world where the choices you make and the relationships you forge will determine the action that unfolds in front of you.

It promises to be an epic return for Dragon Age and the wait is very nearly over.



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