Ready for some satire? Ready for a world in which 7-year old girls wander around a butcher’s shop craving meat? Ready for Agatha Knife?

Agatha Knife is available to purchase right now on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, telling the tale of Agatha, and her knife.

This 7 year old is unlike many other young girls and your time with her story will see you unravelling puzzles, exploring twisted universes and helping the insomnia filled Agatha from being torn between her love for the animals in her mother’s butchers shop – and her love for sausages.

A delightfully dark tale awaits as the religion of Carnivorism begins to take hold and the vibrant art style that Mango Protocol have created draws you forever in. With much of the focus on key social subjects – religion, culture and animal rights affairs, all star – all whilst being told through the eyes of a child, this is one game that will not only have you thinking, but worrying, and debating life along the way.

Our full review of Agatha Knife is now live and well worth a perusal. Make sure you hit it up before than heading to a digital store now you – the Microsoft Store or Nintendo eShop are personal favs – and splashing the £9.59 required to allow you to become fully engrossed in the life of Agatha Knife. If you’re quick, you may just get a little launch discount on that price though.

Features include:

  • Satirically humorous narrative adventure that lures you to the dark corners of everyday life.
  • Create your own religion piece by piece.
  • Uniquely colorful and hand-crafted art.
  • Tackle controversial topics through the eyes of a child.
  • Explore a dynamic and vibrant world that unfolds as your adventure progresses.
  • Interact with diverse characters and uncover their stories during your quest.
  • Original soundtrack created to suit each environment.
  • Dive into the whimsical Psychotic Universe, the same world as the Mango Protocol’s beloved first game, MechaNika.

Game Description:

Embark on this twisted adventure with Agatha, a child torn between her love for eating meat and her friendships with animals. Join her as she discovers religion and creates her own, Carnivorism, to convince the animals that the sacrifice of their flesh is the secret to their eternal happiness. Tackle controversial topics through the eyes of a child in this satirical adventure that lures you to the dark corners of everyday life. Create your own religion piece by piece in this uniquely colorful and hand-crafted world. Meet the peculiar characters of this Psychotic Adventure and uncover their stories that unfold as you progress during your quest. Join Agatha. Believe in Carnivorism.


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