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Embrace the NXT Generation of Superstars now available for WWE 2K18 on Xbox One

Embrace the NXT Generation of Superstars now available for WWE 2K18 on Xbox One

by James (@oKidUKo)November 21, 2017

Just when you thought there were already enough Superstars to grapple with, downloadable content arrives for WWE 2K18 which is going to expand the roster to include some of the stars of WWE’s NXT brand, past and present. So we’ve got just the one question for you; who wants to walk with Elias?

The WWE 2K18 NXT Generation Pack brings five additional playable Superstars to the virtual squared circle and features the most dynamic characters of the NXT brand in recent times. First up is the guitar playing drifter who currently resides on Raw, Elias, and the only member of the pack to be currently present on the main shows. The unconventional Ruby Riot will be delivering Riot Kicks to the females on the roster, whilst the ‘Dutch Destroyer’ Aleister Black hits the rest of the roster with the Black Mass. It’s no surprise that the former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre is also available to play as, given that he’s been the main man for a little while now, and finally we’ve got the freak of nature Lars Sullivan who rounds off the DLC pack nicely.

To add all five of these exciting talents to your WWE 2K18 roster on Xbox One, you need to head on over to the Microsoft Store and pay the price of £7.99. Bear in mind that if you’re a Season Pass owner, these are available at no extra cost whatsoever – so get downloading as you’ve got nothing to lose!

Should you have not taken the plunge and paid for the privilege to get between the ropes for a match in WWE 2K18 yet, we highly recommend you read our review of the game itself before spending any money on it.

DLC Description:

Download the WWE 2K18 NXT Generation Pack today and play as 5 of the most dynamic Superstars from NXT’s past and present! Playable characters include Drew McIntyre, Ruby Riot, Elias, Aleister Black and Lars Sullivan. Note: This item is included in the Season Pass premium content purchase.

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