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Explore the intriguing story of Xuan Yuan Sword, out now on Xbox One


I must admit to never hearing of the Xuan Yuan Sword RPG series, but this may be due to the fact that it has never released on console… until now.

Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament is now out on Xbox One, treating players to an epic classic fantasy RPG adventure across the Far East, full with upgrades and gear, as well as an interesting Guardian System which will see you capture legendary beasts and turn them into companions you can rely on in battle. The combat will be carried out in a semi-auto fashion, making for easy to control, fast paced fights.

As far as the story is concerned and one look at the basic description and it already seems complicated. But in a nutshell Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament tells the great tale of the Emperor of Heaven looking for his lost daughter, and in order to do so he opens the Gates of Heaven, granting mere mortals divine powers and hoping that they will find her. This plan turned pear-shaped, however, leaving the mortal world in dismay and as a result Emperor Zhuanxu, Fuxi and Nuwa persuaded the Queen of Huaxu to close the gates. But the link between the mortal world and heaven remained present – an event that would come to be known as The Great Sundering.

I warned you it was confusing, but if you want to get tucked into a new RPG with a unique fantasy tale then Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament might be what you are looking for. Keep an eye out for our full review of the game in the coming days.

Whilst the game does not seem to be available in the UK at present, the price for The Gate of Firmament in the North American region is $24.99 (with a current launch discount bringing it down to just $19.99). It is also accessible in some other countries also. Just go and hit up that Microsoft Store

Game Description:

Once upon a time, the Emperor of Heaven was so desperate to find his lost daughter that he forced the Gates of Heaven open. He granted mortals who had gained access to heaven divine powers in the hope of recruiting them to locate her. However, his plan backfired and the mortal world became embroiled in turmoil. Constant chaos and warfare brought only misery and suffering to the common people. Emperor Zhuanxu, along with Fuxi and Nuwa, convinced the Queen of Huaxu to forcibly close the Gates of Heaven. Since then, movements between the mortal world and heaven all but ceased. This episode came to be known as The Great Sundering(Juedi Tiantong). Features: 1. A time-honored classic fantasy RPG game. 2. Intriguing storylines and meticulously crafted scenarios! 3. Step into the world of the ancient Far East and begin your fantasy journey! 4. Semi-auto mode means combats are fast-paced and easy to control. 5. Use the Guardian System to capture legendary creatures and turn them into dependable combat companions. 6. Use the Vessel System (the Monster Fusion Vessel) to transmute and upgrade rare and powerful items.