Anyone still converting their rhythmic skills into powerful spells in The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor can carry on the musical warfare with a super cheap new DLC pack that’s just been released. Surely it’s worth a look?

The J-Punch Challenge Pack looks to bring a more soothing challenge to the dancing magic of The Metronomicon, with three new songs, three fresh challenges, and three new pieces of gear to acquire. J-Punch, the same guy who created a lot of the music for the base game, is the sole artist delivering the tracks “Hours Late!”, “Shoes”, and “Make It Blue”, to enhance proceedings; all of which will also be playable in Freeplay, Arena and Story modes. The items rewarded for overcoming these challenges vary in their usefulness to you as a gamer, with one being especially suited for use in a speedrun tournament.

To continue slaying the dance floor with these new tracks in The Metronomicon, simply go to the Xbox Games Store and purchase the J-Punch Challenge Pack for the low price of £1.59. If you aren’t familiar with the game itself, feel free to check out our recent review of it!

DLC Description:

You need a break. It’s time for something a bit more mellow, no? Soothe yourself to the sounds of our first solo-artist challenge pack. The very same gent who created all the cutscene and original music for the game… J-Punch! Three new songs, three new challenges, and three new awesome pieces of gear! It’s time for the J-Punch challenge pack! Is there a hero you really like? Earn an item that lets you ride a lane even harder. It’s hidden in J-Punch’s “Hours Late!” Want an item that makes enemies spawn in twos, for an even bigger challenge? Battle along-side a team of friendly Wisps for a strategic reward. In J-Punch’s “Shoes”! Lastly, J-Punch’s “Make It Blue” rounds out our first GottaGoFast-like playlist challenge. Beat all three songs quick enough for an item Perfectly suited for a speedrun tournament. And named after our champion! All three songs are playable in both Freeplay and Arena modes! And now in Story Mode too!!