F1 2017, Codemasters’ updated racing video game, was released for Xbox One in August 2017. The game, which is the ninth entry in the F1 series of games, is based on this year’s Formula One season: 20 circuits, 20 drivers, and 10 teams. The game sets out to emulate all the excitement and thrills of the real F1 Drivers Championship 2017 and it does a fine job.

The 2017 version of the F1 game has had a positive reception, with users lauding its added depth, realism, and faithfulness to the details of Formula One racing, particularly in the game’s “career” mode. This mode is now a vital part of the game, which starts when the user gets to choose a team to race for. This feature cannot be overemphasized, as it allows users to match the team and its objectives to the player’s abilities and playing style, adding an element of involvement that was missing until now.

Another welcome feature is the way the game now takes players behind the scenes – before the car and driver hit the track. Players are given car and engine parts when the season begins, which undergo realistic wear and tear as the season progresses. The engine you choose at the beginning – its age, reliability, etc. – will have an impact on all future races, and the game follows the new Formula One rule that dictates that a transmission must be used for six races before it can be changed. Now, players have to make sure to avidly maintain their engine, always remembering the balance between speed and durability. In other words, choosing wisely at the start of the season, and ensuring ongoing maintenance, makes a huge difference in this new and improved F1 2017 game. It’s a great new feature that offers users the ability to strategize every race and to consider tactics that go beyond simply driving fast.

Realism is the Name of the F1 2017 Game

Another big change that shows up in the 2017 version of F1 is to the racers. They now break down, spin out, and crash more than ever before; this is a vast improvement over previous versions where entire fields would complete the circuit (unlike in real life). But more importantly, the game offers drivers things do to between races, with an updated engine-management feature and R & D department that brings “career mode” to a new level of liveliness and interest. The improved R&D program, with 115 upgrades compared to 2016’s 25, allows users to get closely involved in performance enhancement, a welcome change.

Other off-track changes include the addition of Championships with different rules and settings, while classic F1 cars make a welcome appearance after a long absence: it’s great to once again see cars like the 1998 McLaren MP4-13 and the 2010 Red Bull RB6. Nonetheless, the biggest improvement to F1 2017 is the level of control it gives players from practice sessions and pre-race strategizing, to engine maintenance and pit stops. In addition, the graphics are brilliant, with vibrant colours, detailed scenery, great lighting, and fabulous weather effects. F1 2017 may be the best version of the game ever, offering hours of outstanding Formula One racing.