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It’s not just got a strange name, but it’s got a strange premise too, however seeing as Pig Eat Ball has already gone down brilliantly over on Steam, news of it’s Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch arrival and release window confirmation is something to be interested about.

Coming from the indie team at Mommy’s Best Games, Pig Eat Ball will see you fighting, solving and barfing your way through hundreds of 2D pixel art levels, as you worm your way through a puzzling, maze-like heaven.

Currently available on Steam, Pig Eat Ball will be rolling into view on Xbox One, PS4 and now also Nintendo Switch at some point in Q3 2019, as the wacky stages and crazy gameplay attempt to draw in a new breed of gamer.

“We had already announced Pig Eat Ball on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a while ago but it’s the first time we present the game on Nintendo Switch”, says Nathan Fouts, CEO at Mommy’s Best Games and creator of hits such as Shoot 1UP and Serious Sam Double D XXL for Steam.

Pig Eat Ball contains 214 handmade levels, 10+ humongous bosses, 20+ interconnected worlds, and 38 power-ups as you work your way through and explore intricate worlds, take in twisted gameplay, and use your brain to take down a dozen bosses. With it sitting with a score of 83 on Metacritic and overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, Pig Eat Ball was originally launched on PC, Mac and Linux in September 2018, however this new version which will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch will challenge a new set of players.

Features of Pig Eat Ball include:

  • Twisted arcade gameplay –get bigger as you eat and barf to squeeze down to size.
  • Explore intricate worlds –travel to five completely unique areas.
  • Hand-crafted challenge –non-procedural levels.
  • Massive bosses –use your brain, your skills, and your mouth to beat nearly a dozen of them.
  • Incredible soundtrack –Rock, Paper, Shotgun says “I will brook no argument on Pig Eat Ball’s soundtrack – it whips.”
  • One-of-a kind powerups –dozens of disguises with special abilities.
  • Open-ended antics –barf on them, bump them, torch them, or knock them into open space.
  • Hours of adventure –the main story is 8-12 hours alone but you’ll have to complete the challenge section too.
  • Wild characters –speak with tens of aliens in your journey.
  • Manic multiplayer mayhem –play with up to four fellows in multiplayer local mode.
  • Online leaderboards –each action level lets you compete for the fastest time with the world.
  • Online level sharing –craft your own stages and share them with your friends or the world.

Check out the trailer below and keep a purchase of Pig Eat Ball on Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch in mind as the year progresses. We’ll be sure to let you know once a fully confirmed launch date is in hand.


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