There will be times when you just don’t know what type of game to play. Shooter? Open world adventure? Puzzler?

Well if this is the case then you will be glad to hear that Where Are My Friends? is hitting Xbox One today – bringing with it point and click, Metroidvania, runner and  puzzle platformer genres of game for you to enjoy.

The story behind Where Are My Friends? is pretty simple: Wheye has landed on the planet where his buddies are studying local species, but they are nowhere to be seen! With his friends gone, and the planet threatening to explode, Wheye must save the day and ultimately find his friends.

The art-style includes a hand-crafted design, and there is also an original soundtrack within. What’s more – it’s all Xbox One X Enhanced so should look great.

If Where Are My Friends? appeals to you then you can find it on the Microsoft Store for £4.79, or you can also pick it up for PS4 and PC already. If you’re not sure then keep an eye out for our full review.

Now though – where are my friends?

Game Description:

Eye on the ball names Wheye had come to the planet where his friends studied local species. His friends went missing, the planet is about to blow and only Wheye can save everyone. He will have to face different trials on his own. Features: – 4 DIFFERENT GENRES IN ONE GAME! Every level is a separate genre: runner, metroidvania, point’n’click quest and puzzle-platformer. – GAME WITHOUT WORDS The plot will be understandible to each one of you, since the story is told without using a single word. – UNIQUE VISUAL STYLE OF EACH LEVEL Colorful graphics created using different tools – from hand drawing to CG flat-design. – ATMOSPHERIC SOUNDTRACK Original music which builds up enjoyment received from playing the game.


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