get even

Are you ready to GET EVEN? Bandai Namco have today confirmed the release date of one of this year’s most anticipated asylum-based mind benders, whilst dropping a whole new trailer our way.

So, without further ado, GET EVEN will be making its way to an Xbox One, PS4 or PC near you come May 26th 2017…and believe us, you’ll need to stay focused as you explore the world it brings.

Playing as Cole Black, you find yourself waking up in an old abandoned asylum with only your memories. Or are they your memories? Whose memories are they? What do you need to do? What do you mean you have to save the girl? She has a bomb? What?

GET EVEN will allow you to explore the most surrealistic and unconventional world you could ever imagine. You won’t know what is real, and you certainly won’t want to make any assumptions. Just focus, just breathe and just watch the god damn trailer below.

The master is on his way you see!



  1. Definitely looks interesting and not your usual run of the mill shooter… hope it turns out to be good. Never heard a peep about this before but it’s on my radar now 🙂


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