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One of the strangest bands in musical history have made an appearance on Rocksmith 2014. Get ready to welcome the quirky sounds of Primus!

Founded by legendary bassist Les Claypool, Primus have been around for 30+ years, bringing joy and humour to rock with the likes of Tommy The Cat and Jerry was a Race Car Driver. Today though, you can learn these tracks and more with the latest Rocksmith 2014 downloadable content.

Available right now are:

  • Tommy The Cat
  • Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
  • Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
  • South Park Theme

As always, make your way to the Xbox Games Store and get your downloads rolling. £2.39 is just enough for each individual track (with the South Park Theme coming in at 79p), whilst a rather reasonable £6.39 will see you fit to nab the whole song pack.

The addition of Primus to the catalogue promises you something very, very different!

You can buy Rocksmith 2014 Edition on Xbox One, Xox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC right now. Feel free to check out our review.



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