It’s to be expected of something like Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, but swimsuits, in TERA? What is the world coming to!

But it’s true and available to purchase and download right now is the TERA Swimsuit Trio Pack. Priced up at £7.99 (although there is currently a decent 50% discount on that), this downloadable content pack sees you get given three new swimsuits for your chosen race and gender.

That means you get access to the bikinis for the females, the tight shorts for the males, and the ruffled swimsuits for the never ageing, innocent elins.

You’ll also find that the Fun in the Sun Beach Box delivers one totally random beach accessory item.

Whether you want to kit your team out in swimsuits in TERA is completely your call. Should you wish to though, then the Xbox Store will happily allow it to happen. Get over there, grab your purchase and embrace the summer sun!

If you wish to know more about TERA as a whole, our full review will sort you out.

DLC Description:

Contains three swimsuits for your chosen race and gender, plus a beach accessory: • A trio of ruffled swimsuits for elins, bikinis for other females, or dippers for males swimwear in three different colors. • Fun in the Sun Beach box containing one random beach accessory. The costumes and accessories in this pack are each usable by only one character.