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Gigantic gets free Social DLC pack

Gigantic gets free Social DLC pack

by Neil Watton (neil363)August 18, 2017

How social are you? Want to show your love for your favourite social media platform in Gigantic? The latest free DLC pack lets you do just that.

Available at zero cost to Gigantic players is the new Social Butterfly Pack on Xbox One. This brings a number of new and exclusive themed skins to your game, allowing you to show your love for everything social as you go into battle.

The pack will bring you no less than four skins – Tyto the Swift Bluebird Skin, Lord Knossos Crimson Courage Skin, Wu Toxic Frog Skin, HK-206 Violet Violence Skin – and a number of Crown boosts, Prestige Boosts and some Fortune Card draws.

For nothing, you may as well get involved – especially seeing as Gigantic is free-to-play in itself. You see, a free game plus some free DLC equals a free win! What’s not to like? Just get over to the Xbox Games Store now.

Remember to let us know your thoughts about this DLC in the comments below. If you wish to know more about Gigantic as a whole, then our review will sort you out.

DLC Description:

If you like branching out on our social media platforms, you will fit right into these themed exclusive skins! Don a new look and show off your favorite social media platform in style! This pack includes: • Tyto the Swift Bluebird Skin • Lord Knossos Crimson Courage Skin • Wu Toxic Frog Skin • HK-206 Violet Violence Skin • 3 one-win Crown boosts • 3 one-win Prestige boosts • 5 Fortune Card draws

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