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The summer might be coming to an end in the real world, but if you wish to extend it further in the realm of gaming, Smoots Summer Games has arrived on Xbox One to deliver athletic events for all the family to enjoy. It’s time to stake your claim for those Gold medals!

You may remember the Smoots’ recent foray in the sport of tennis – Smoot World Cup Tennis – well now they’re back with even more sporting local multiplayer action for up to four players to enjoy. So get ready to use your favourite Smoot character across Practice, Championship and Challenge modes. There are 18 different athletic events to try your hand at in Smoots Summer Games, including standard sprints, hurdles, shot put, javelin, long jump, pole vault, swimming, and many more. Basically, just expect any sporting activity to be present that you could imagine seeing at the summer Olympics.

Smoots Summer Games has already released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, however it’s now also available for Xbox One owners. All you need to do is head on over to the Xbox Store, pay the required fee of £8.39, and then gather your friends and family to compete to find out who’s the champion of the summer games.

Will you be getting involved in Smoots Summer Games? Which events are you most looking forward to participating in? Get in touch and let us know via all of the usual means.

Game Description:

Get the Gold Medal! Get ready for Summer Games!! Play athletics events from your sofa. Prepare yourself for the next season. Smoot Summer Games is a sports arcade game for 1-4 players where you can play 18 athletics events. Play with your favorite Smoot character in practice, Special Challenge and Championship game modes. Smoots Summer Games is the perfect game to play with your friends and family.


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