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Hasbro Game Channel announced by Ubisoft. Coming this Fall.

Hasbro Game Channel announced by Ubisoft. Coming this Fall.

by Neil Watton (neil363)August 6, 2014

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The Hasbro Game Channel is coming to consoles this Autumn and brings with it three new games.

Aiming to be the premier destination for family game entertainment, the Hasbro Game Channel will kick off with Monopoly plus, RISK and Trivial Pursuit Live and will allow players to connect and play with others, not just in their living rooms, but around the world

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  • MONOPOLY Plus: MONOPOLY Plus brings the world’s favourite family gaming brand to a new level with the original 2D MONOPOLY board as well as colourful and lively animated 3D version that evolves as you progress in the game. MONOPOLY Plus lets player choose their favourite ‘House Rules’ to customise gameplay. Up to six players will be able to enjoy MONOPOLY Plus online or offline.
  • RISK: Strategy fans will venture into stimulating modern warfare combat with RISK. Keeping the authenticity of the 2010 rules as the standard, RISK offers a new strategic experience with a familiar map layout optimised with modern armies, 3D tactical battlefields configurable win conditions and rule variants. Online league play will allow player to compete with people from around the world.
  • TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live!: Trivia fans can test their wits in this new take on the world’s most well-known trivia game. TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! transforms the classic experience into a TV show setting with reinvented question formats, customisable game lengths and a variety of game rounds and rules to keep players guessing.

The Hasbro Game Channel will be available only on the next generation of consoles, whilst the games will also be downloadable on Xbox 360 and PS3.



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