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Hunt for Lost Gems as Lily’s Epic Quest receives Xbox One release date


Played Lily’s Epic Quest on mobile or PC but really been wanting to take in the Match-3 mechanics on console? Well good news – it’s coming to Xbox One very soon.

Studio Craft Development have announced that the Xbox One version of Lily’s Epic Quest will soon be with us with pre-orders opening on May 1st and the full release hitting home come May 16th 2018.

A puzzle adventure which utilises a Match-3 mechanic or two, you’ll need to help as she attempts to clear a path through different layers in her search for rare gems and artifacts.

With more than 250 collectibles to hunt down, 10 magical worlds to take in the the chance to dig to the centre of the Earth totally possible, if you like a bit of Match-3 madness, or enjoyed the game on mobile previously, then the Xbox One version should be highly anticipated.

As you would expect, this Xbox One version comes with plenty of new content and features with the game being completely rebuilt from scratch, with Studio Craft Development adding in new features too. Expect to find:

  • A Challenge Mode, where you can test you puzzles skills against other players.
  • More Levels, new levels have been added and existing level have been tweaked.
  • 2 Brand new worlds to explore
  • 50 new collectibles have been hidden in the ground layers.
  • New game mechanics and power-ups.
  • A completely new design!

If you haven’t previously played, or heard of, Lily’s Epic Quest then you’ll be interested to hear that it is much more of a strategy game than a Match-3 experience. It requires patience, deliberate planning, and some out-of-the-box thinking as you play around with a free roaming playfield, deciding where to dig or how to solve the puzzles.

Interested? Check out the trailer below and hold tight for the May release.