Artifex Mundi, best known for their many hidden-object adventure games, have announced a heart-warming adventure game, My Brother Rabbit, that’ll take players on an emotional journey into the dreamlands of imagination.

When a picture-perfect family discovers that the daughter of the bunch is ill, her parents sought out the treatment she desperately needs, while her older brother tries to help the both of them through the power of imagination. The real world only offers tragedy, so these children envision a fantastical world for them to provide the fun they truly deserve. Despite the adversity in reality, they are utter devoted to conjuring up a curious land, which also incorporates parts of the bleakness as the journey advances.

In this land of make-believe, there’s a cute little rabbit who wants to nurse an ill flower, his friend, back to full health by any means possible. To do this, he must decipher some classic point and click style puzzles, locate hidden objects and complete mini-games in order to further the adventure. There’ll be hidden butterflies, balloons and other items to collect too, all in a calm and casual manner of course.

The wondrous sights of the hand-painted world and the sounds of renowned indie composer Arkadiusz Reikowski – known for working on Layers of Fear and Seven: The Days Long Gone – combine to create a gorgeous, dreamy setting for My Brother Rabbit, enticing players to rekindle the flames of their own imagination.

“My Brother Rabbit’s spiritual journey recalls the power and depth of the mind’s eye,” said Maciej Binkowski, publishing director at Artifex Mundi. “The universes humans can develop can be beautifully surreal, and we want to invite players into the strange machinations in our heads.”

The adventures of My Brother Rabbit will tug on your heart strings this Fall, when it launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. We’ll keep you informed with a specific date as it becomes known to us!


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