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Remember back on the Xbox 360 there were those little Indie Games that cost about 80 Microsoft Points each? Most were just bloatware or pandering to certain sections of the community’s ‘niche’ fantasies. Some stood out above the rest – Fish Racer Arcade, Hidden in Plain Sight and Decay notably – and today sees the re-release of Decay on Xbox One.

Originally released in four parts, this new version on the Xbox One is the complete collection in one neat package. Decay is a point-and-click atmospheric horror game. Players must complete puzzles, solve riddles and minigames to progress the story as they figure out what they are doing with a noose around their neck in the bathroom. Did they put it on themselves? How exactly did they come around from this?

There aren’t the cheap jumpscares here though; instead you have dark corridors with moody lighting, creepy noises and ambience, and an all-round unsettling fear throughout your journey. This version on the Xbox One has multiple endings – eight in total – Xbox Achievements for the first time, and additional extras for completing the game.

Decay on Xbox One is available to download right now from the Xbox Store, priced at £16.74. We have a review of the game coming very soon. Will you be waiting for that or are you brave enough to take the plunge right away? Let us know in the comments below!

Game description:

The much appreciated XBLIG classic is coming to Xbox One! All 4 parts in one complete package. Solve the dark mystery and face the challenges in this psychological thriller adventure. The story has multiple endings based on how you play the game.


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