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There are times in which you just have to ask yourself what you really want from a game. Do you fancy high-end visuals, a strong story, or hundreds of hours of gameplay in which to fully engross yourself? Or do you want something cheap that delivers spades of fun, and embraces the 1980’s mullet forever more? We’re going with the latter and that is why it’s great to see Mulletman and the Molemen kick up a fuss on Xbox One.

After originally hitting Steam in 2017, and available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Mulletman and the Molemen deals with judgement day in the land of the Molemen. With a wall of fire looking to destroy everything it touches, it is left to one man – the Mulletman – to kick the Molemen to safety and ensure the Mole race is allowed to keep on digging. Or at least we guess it is something like that.

Priced up at just £4.19, you shouldn’t be expecting a game that will rival the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 for gameplay hours, or that of the stunning Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown for visual quality, but what it does bring is silliness, a lovely retro style, and enough Molemen kicking to keep anyone happy. It certainly helps that Mr Mulletman is still willing to fully embrace a hairstyle that went out of fashion before it even came in.

With no less than 33 levels to enjoy, 42 character skins to mess around with, and the opportunity to take in the puzzle platforming action or Speedrun challenge with up to 4 sofa-based mates, Mulletman and the Molemen really should be something that you should consider checking out – if only because that price point is hugely appealing.

The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. It may even sort you out with a mullet too. Whether you want the latter is your call but you could do a whole load worse than spend a little time with Mulletman and the Molemen on Xbox One.

Game Descripton:

It’s judgement day on the world of the Molemen! Help Mulletman kick the Molemen to safety. Stay ahead of the wall of fire in this intense four player side scrolling puzzle platformer.

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