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Jump, Step, Step launches on Xbox One


Remember those Big Trak toys you got as a kid, programming them to do all manner of things? Thunder Cloud Studio and Phung Games, the developers behind Jump, Step, Step, do – and are at hand to recreate the fun had with Big Trak on Xbox One.

Instead of the programmable car, we have Bob, a lovable robot who has had the unfortunate experience of short-circuiting, losing his limbs and ending up with a broken spaceship. Oh, and he is a tad mental.

You and Bob must go on an adventure through the mysterious land he finds himself in, with peaceful music and beautiful waterfalls, to recover Bob’s limbs and parts of his spaceship, eventually discovering what happened to old Bob in the first place.

However, because Bob has short-circuited he needs you to code every single movement for him in order to traverse the landscape. Split into individual chunks of Bob’s long journey, you have a limited amount of slots per section to fill with code, commanding Bob to move forward or turn 90 degrees left, for example. You will eventually gain more complex commands which could instruct our robot friend to wait until a platform is in front of him to take a step forward, and loop certain pieces of code. As you start to tackle the harder sections, you will be coming across randomly moving blocks which Bob can hitch a ride on, as well as spike traps which will kill the robot, sending you back to square one to identify the mistake in your code.

If you don’t keep a level head, and get overly confused by each newly introduced command, then Jump, Step, Step could soon become an almighty challenge to overcome – but the harder the puzzle the more satisfying it is to complete it, right?

If you want to give Bob a spin and help him get his limbs and spaceship back in top shape, then the light-hearted Jump, Step, Step is available to pick up now on the Xbox Games Store for £6.39. And if you need a bit more advice on whether Jump, Step, Step is worth picking up, then check out our review here.

Game Description:

Jump, Step, Step is a relaxing puzzle game where you help Bob (a short-circuited robot) finding his lost limbs, collecting missing parts to repair a broken spaceship and finally discover what really happened to him. However, you don’t control Bob directly, instead, you would setup a sequence of commands like Forward, Wait, Turn Left, Turn Right, Jump etc and then once you are confident that the sequence would guide Bob to the next checkpoint, you press “Play” and Bob will follow them faithfully. If you just like a normal old platforming gameplay, you can control Bob directly later in the game after you completed one run. The game has a relaxing mood mixed with light hearted humour. It starts with Bob just wake up and find out that he lost all his limbs somehow. He is now in a strange place that looks like a garden floating on the sky, he can hear birds singing, waterfall whispering and peaceful music playing in the background. Because Bob’s control unit is damaged, he is a bit mental, together with the fact that the Player is a childlike character, there are many funny moments between them. Sometime the Player will make fun of the fact that Bob breakdowns quite often. Some other time, Bob will get frustrated as he thinks he does all the hard work and the Player just doesn’t help him at all. Despite these, the pair need to help each other escape this planet somehow. Features: • Diverse abilities for Bob including: jumping, picking things up, punching, assessing environment. Etc. • Advance flow commands: Repeats, loops, switch and branches. • Turn the game into a normal platform game once you completed it. • Funny dialogues and interesting story. • Highly polished environment, relaxing mood and music. • Leader-board for best puzzle solutions.