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Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have recently been holding a competition to decide on their official launch trailer for Just Cause 3. Well, a winner has been chosen, and the stunning trailer is now available for viewing!

The Just Cause 3 trailer competition gathered some 1200 entries, with the JC community coming out in force and showing off all its talent. The winning video however has a ton of energy, humour and quality – three things we’d expect to be seeing once Just Cause 3 releases on 1st Dec 2015.

The talents of CoolTwinSkittles, have won him a place in Just Cause history as the EXPLOSION RAP TRAILER has won its place as the game’s official launch trailer.

You can see the trailer below but other winners include:

  • Best Music – The Wooden Box – “I’m on fire”, as chosen by Gibson
  • Best Action – Dippen
  • Best Humour – CoolTwinSkittles

Just Cause 3 releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC!



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