Xbox One_Console and Controller

Are you one of those who have been holding off buying an Xbox One because of the price? Or perhaps you’d prefer to work without Kinect? Well there’s good news, your prayers have been answered!

Starting from June 9th, a Kinect free version of the Xbox One will be available to purchase.

Available in all current markets, the new Xbox One sans Kinect will start at a bargain price of $399 to reflect the lack of the motion and voice control hardware.

This new console option will still give you access to all of your favourite games and entertainment apps but you’ll obviously struggle to play something along the lines of Xbox Fitness or perhaps Kinect Sports Rivals and won’t be able to control the console via voice commands, but hey, you pays your money you takes your choice!

If you’re interested in such a console, then you can preorder it already over at Amazon for £349.

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