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KontrolFreek Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One review

KontrolFreek Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One review

by Neil Watton (neil363)November 10, 2015



KontrolFreek Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One


2 x KontrolFreek Galaxy thumbsticks (1 x mid-rise, 1 x high-rise)




I never thought I’d ever find so much pleasure in two rounds of plastic!

KontrolFreek have recently expanded their product range to include a new thumbstick type. The Galaxy. Inspired by those first person space shooters which have taken 2015 by storm, if you’re down with a Raid on Destiny, participating in a Slayer match on Halo 5 or just cruising the universe in Elite Dangerous, then the Galaxy is something you’ll want firmly attached to your Xbox One controller.

Coming complete as a two pack, one as a 10.4mm high-rise extension, with the second taking on the average form and settling for 5.7mm of length, the Galaxy thumbs will ensure that your gaming sessions are filled with better control and tighter precision. As is always the case, KontrolFreek (and myself for what that’s worth), advise running with the taller one on the right stick, with the shorter mid-rise on the left. This will bring a range of movement which is up to 118% more than without the Galaxy’s attached, improving both accuracy and target acquisition. Can you do without that? I know I for one cannot.

With a stunning laser etched design on top, one that replicates the stars of a long lost galaxy, KontrolFreek have ensured that there is little to no chance of your thumbs slipping on these bad boys.


A concaved design on both is by far my preferred style for any thumbstick augmenter and the Galaxy deals both sticks with that pleasure, ensuring that the grip is more than enough for anyone. I’ve used a fair amount of add-ons for my Xbox One controller over the last year or two but have to say that these thumbsticks are by far the grippiest, most tactile sticks to pass my thumbs. They are in fact, absolutely glorious to use and will quite easily become my daily driver for some time yet.

There is little sign of movement or slip, either from your thumbs or from the stick covering itself as the silver (ahem, grey in my books), grippy feet cling to your controller with a passion. The complimented purple tops just ooze quality and ensure that the sticks look just as great as they feel.

So, what don’t I like about the KontrolFreek Galaxy thumbsticks? Well, that’s a damn hard question as they are without doubt the best I have used. In fact, I’d go as far as say they are near on perfect, capable of bringing controller pleasure to gamers with large, average or indeed small hands. Even those who have never used a thumbstick addition before should be jumping right in with these ones.

They are quite frankly, unbeatable!

You can buy the KontrolFreek Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One direct from KontrolFreek right now.

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The pros

+ Gorgeous to use
+ Superbly sticky
+ Great design

The cons

- Um...not a lot!

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