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Legrand Legacy to hit PC in January 2018. Xbox One, PS4 and Switch versions to arrive a year later


If you like classic JRPGs and fancy taking in a game that has been created as a nostalgic love letter to the genre, then you may well be interested in Legrand Legacy. The problem is, the Xbox One version won’t be arriving until 2019.

Due to release on PC come Jan 24th 2018, Legrand Lagacy will tell the tale of a slave named Finn, who will rise from humble roots to possibly becoming a savior. After Finn exhibits powers beyond his control in the gladiator arena, an old man buys his freedom. Together they journey to save the man’s daughter, which leads them to a prophecy and a greater quest: to save Legrand from the second coming of a conflict that nearly destroyed the world in times long past. Despite the looming darkness, Legrand is a thriving realm depicted in an art style delicately balancing eastern and western oil paintings. As Finn explores the beautiful world of Legrand he will learn the backstories of allies, uncover side quests, go fishing, and engage in fencing competitions in addition to intense hack and slash battles.

You’ll get to exploit the weaknesses of enemies, unleash powerful attacks, craft weapons and unlock magical abilities as your opponents become fiercer and harder.

“Legrand Legacy is packed with callbacks to classic JRPGs, from the modern take on original PlayStation style graphics to music, gameplay and mini-games,” says Iain Garner, Director of Developer Relations, Another Indie. “Most importantly, the story is the kind of epic RPG fans crave.”

Whilst that all sounds great, the bad news is that Legrand Legacy won’t be hitting Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch until some time in Q1 2019. Can you wait that long?