It’s only available for a limited amount of time, but when Venom comes up for purchase, you really should sit up and listen.

Available right now is the Venom pack for Marvel Heroes Omega. Priced at a rather hefty £15.99, this content instantly unlocks Venom, delivers you a bonus costume, gifts a couple of loot boxes and hits your game with two experience boosts.

If you’ve found the whole Marvel Heroes Omega experience to your liking, and are spending plenty of hours in the wonderful world it brings, then it may well be worth you checking this pack out… especially as you don’t have to actually purchase the base game.

Head on over to the Xbox Games Store, splash the £15.99 required and get Venom in your game right now. Be quick though, this pack won’t be around for long!

If you wish to know more about the free-to-play Marvel Heroes Omega, then make sure you check out our review.

DLC Description:

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – INSTANTLY UNLOCK VENOM, 1 BONUS COSTUME, 2 MARVELOUS LOOT BOXES, AND 2 EXPERIENCE BOOSTS AT A DISCOUNT! Pack Includes: Playable Venom: Unlock Venom immediately! Eddie Brock’s life took a drastic turn when he was overtaken by the alien Symbiote. Calling himself Venom, Eddie had one purpose: destroy Spider-Man at any cost. However, Venom has since served on the side of good from time to time, calling himself a “Lethal Protector” and enacting his own twisted brand of justice on those he deems even more twisted than he. 1 Bonus Costume: Receive Venom’s Anti-Venom costume guaranteed. 2 Marvelous Loot Boxes: Each Marvelous Loot Box contains chances to get crafting materials, Boosts, and more useful items, as well as extremely rare exclusive costumes and flourishes. 2 XP Boosts: Level up faster with a healthy dose of pure experience boost.


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