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Live the high life with a high price in the Premium Edition of Cities: Skylines


City management titles aren’t exactly commonplace on Xbox One, but one option you do have is to head on down to the big smoke with Cities: Skylines. And today, Skylines has got itself some all new content alongside a Premium Edition – but you’ll need a fair old whack of spare cash for utter enjoyment to be able to take hold.

Following up on the April 2017 release of Cities: Skylines from Paradox Interactive is the Premium Edition of the game. This obviously drops in the base game that we already know and love, plus the full Season Pass. Pricing comes in at £49.99 for the Premium Edition and £31.99 for the standalone Season Pass, which, quite frankly seems rather high, especially as you’ll have been requested to drop that amount previously for the base game.

But then, that Season Pass does promise a whole ton of content, with the Snowfall expansion now taking hold. Also expect to see, new radio stations, an Art Deco content creator pack, the chance to take in some High Tech buildings and a couple more expansions – Natural Disasters and Mass Transit.

When those turn up is anyone’s guess, as for now it seems like the addition of Snowfall is all that is available – we’ll have a full review of that pretty soon. Should you be a city boy or girl though, and enjoy the madness of juggling the well-being of your citizens with making loads of moolah, then you should really be checking our Cities: Skylines once more. Our full review will tell you more whilst the Microsoft Store holds the key to all your purchasing power.

Premium Edition Description:

Save money on content for this game by purchasing the Premium Edition. Content can be downloaded from Xbox One Store as and when available. Build the city of your dreams in Cities: Skylines – Premium Edition! Play as the mayor of your city and design things your way — lay out roads, balance citizens’ needs, and grow from a quiet town to a bustling metropolis. From extensive traffic management and transportation systems to tourism and civic policy, Cities: Skylines combines challenge with creativity for a game experience like no other. The Premium Edition includes the original Cities: Skylines base game and the After Dark expansion along with a full bundle of added content, yours to download as they release! These include: Snowfall (full expansion) Natural Disasters (full expansion) Mass Transit (full expansion) High Tech Buildings (content creator pack) Art Deco (content creator pack) Relaxation Station (radio stations pack) Rock City Radio (radio stations pack)