There’s nothing special about Samuel. He’s just an ordinary guy with a ordinary job, an ordinary girlfriend and an ordinary lifestyle. That is until he is knocked over and killed. It is about then when things become a bit less ordinary.

Manual Samuel is a comedy physics based adventure coming from new development team, Perfectly ParaNormal. You may think that when Samuel dies, his life ends, but in fact it is just the beginning and you’ll soon be able to find out why – well, at least you will if you are an Xbox One, Playstation or PC owner!

With Curve Digital publishing the title, chances are things will be pretty successful for old Samuel but ultimately his life (if that is possible) is in your hands. You’ll need to help him breathe in, breath out, move left leg, right leg, blink, work, kiss, even piss – yes, all of his bodily functioned will be in your hands!

“I fell in love with Manual Samuel the moment I saw it,” says Simon Byron, publishing director, Curve Digital. “It’s almost as much fun to watch as it is to play, brimming with unique touches, gleeful one-liners, hysterical set pieces and even song and dance numbers. I’ve not seen a game so happy to go out of its way to set up a joke – honestly, it’s impossible to play without laughing.”

Perfectly ParaNormal is a small game and animation studio based in Hamar, Norway, that focuses on comedy and characters, formed with the aim of proving that 2D animation isn’t dead. Manuel Samuel is the company’s first game.

“We’ve been really impressed with the enthusiasm for Manual Samuel that the team at Curve has shown,” adds Ozan Drøsdal, writer, Perfectly ParaNormal. “Curve’s support has enabled us to focus on creating a game that we wanted to make – and we’re excited to see the reaction to Samuel and his manual adventures once the game releases this summer. One thing is for sure – we’re all in deep faeces.”

As is near on always the case, we’ll ensure that you are kept completely up-to-date with all of Samuel’s news.