It’s that time of year where every game wants to be shown off at E3 and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is no different with a trailer to showcase the game.

“Like a ghost”, that’s how Talion is described by an orc that he has taken control of and considering he’s been brought back to life by an immortal spirit it’s quite accurate. On Talion’s quest for vengeance he will use Sauron’s own army against him in an attempt to gain an advantage. I’m not sure he needs any help though as you can see in the E3 trailer he’s overly confident of succeeding in his vengeance plan.



Also worth noting is the exclusive new runes you can gain access to once signed up to and these are –

  • Orc Hunter Rune (once signed up) – Talion can overcome Sauron’s captains by increasing terror from his stealth takedowns.
  • Gravewalker Rune (when accessing Palantir app upon launch) -Talion spread’s fear among Sauron’s army when his Captains are defeated.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is available for Xbox One & Xbox 360 worldwide on 7th October, 2014.



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