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Middle-earth: Shadow of War gets new video showcasing the Feral Tribe


We may still be a month away from the arrival of the highly anticipated Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but that doesn’t make any new bits of information less exciting. Today Warner Bros have released the latest video for the game, this time showcasing the Feral Tribe to players for the first time.

The Feral Tribe are a faction of Orcs who revere the fearsome beast of Mordor, feeding on the strength of these vicious creatures as inspiration for their own acts of savagery. In Shadow of War, Orcs now belong to tribes, with an extending influence that stems from the Overlords ruling the might fortresses found throughout the open world. This makes for a rich selection of missions and exploration, as well as a dynamic Orc society with different cultures, all brought to life through the in-game Nemesis System.

Within the world are Feral Orcs, Orcs which live amongst the graugs, caragors, drakes and other monsters wherever they can. Whilst adorning their clothing and armour with trophies from the beasts they’ve hunted, the Feral Tribe is also unmistakable for their tendency to snarl, roar and render flesh with ferocity that rivals any caragor in the land.

Set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an open-world RPG that looks set to continue the events of Shadow of Mordor, with even more untold stories throughout the land. It’ll be arriving come 10th October 2017.

Anyone wanting to get a look in at the new trailer can do so below.

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