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Mixing action puzzler with roguelike, Subaeria arrives on Xbox One


If you’ve been holding out for a game that mixes intense action puzzling with many roguelike elements, then today is your lucky day. Subaeria is here and available right now on Xbox One.

Coming in with a price of £11.99, Subaeria sees us following the story of Styx, a young girl who is looking for revenge. See, Styx’s family have been murdered by the overlord of Subaeria and it is now up to here to avenge their deaths by fighting through hordes of robots by pitting them up again each other.

With a wonderful underwater city to explore, and plenty of mystery to uncover, you’ll need to use your wits as you manipulate your enemies into destroying each other. Strategy and tactics are the name of the game and with the help of the environment, and a little time to think, you’ll be well on the way to ensuring that Styx gets the revenge she is after.

The Microsoft Store plays host to your download. Give it a visit, stump up the £11.99 required and get your download in. It promises to be a good un.

Game Description:

Subaeria is an intense action puzzler with roguelike-elements. Players use their wits to manipulate their enemies into destroying each other. They’ll have to be smart in how they approach different situations and think strategically on how to use their environment and abilities to defeat their enemies. Players follow Styx, a young girl who’s out for revenge after her family is murdered by the overlord of Subaeria. She must fight her way through droves of murderous robots by pitting them against one another. As she progresses towards her goal of revenge, she’ll explore the underwater city of Subaeria to uncover the mysteries that lie below the depths.