It has to be said that there is a fair amount of DLC available to purchase for NASCAR Heat Evolution – but today, even more has appeared for purchase.

Available right now are eight new pieces of downloadable content, all arriving to enhance your NASCAR Heat Evolution experience. And enhancing is exactly what is needed as it has to be said that the latest NASCAR title is somewhat lacking – at least to those looking for some enjoyment.

If you are a gamer who is liking what is on offer though, or just have some spare cash sitting in your wallet ready for spending, then the following are all now available…

  • Pit Pass 4 – £5.59
  • Toyota Paint Scheme Pack 4 – Free
  • Challenge Pack 4 – £0.79
  • Paint Scheme Pack 8 – £3.99
  • Toyota Challenge Pack 3 – Free
  • Kennedy and Kitchens Spotter Audio – £0.79
  • Paint Scheme Pack 9 – £3.99

The Xbox Games Store should be able to sort you out with all the content listed, whilst our full review of NASCAR Heat Evolution will let you know exactly what the full game is like. We urge you to read it – if only to save you a bit of cash.


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