If you’re looking for something that will deliver you fast paced shooting action and over the top neon soaked visuals, then you need look no further than that of HYPERGUN. And it’s coming… this summer!

Announced today by the team at NVYVE Studios, HYPERGUN is a roguelite shooter that features procedurally generated levels, a ton of super mad weapons and one of the most heroic interns alive – Dewey Owens.

Arriving this summer on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, you’ll find that HYPERGUN is set in the year 2038, and with an advanced alien species having now occupied Earth, the human race is at the most severe of breaking points. The only glimmer of hope comes in the form of DevTech Labs’ top secret HYPERGUN program – a highly advanced simulation that is designed to create the ultimate weapon to combat the alien oppressors by combining weapon components across countless simulations.

With their fearless intern, Dewey Owens sneaking into the DevTech facility over the weekend, we find him stepping into the simulator before taking on waves of alien interlopers as he meticulously builds the HYPERGUN. Is he trying to prove himself to Roger, the hard-nosed CEO, or is he up to something nefarious? We may never know, but he just might save the world along the way. He’ll only do it with your help though.

A ton of big bad bosses await, but with the promise of unlockable classes and abilities, over 150 weapon modules to collect and no two runs ever feeling the same, HYPERGUN may well scratch the itch that many shooting fans need to rid themselves of.

Key Features Include:

  • Create the HYPERGUN – With over 150 weapon modules to collect, no two runs in the simulation will be the same. Each module you pick up will change your weapon in exciting and often questionable ways, all in the name of determining the ultimate weapon to defeat our alien oppressors.
  • Procedural Levels – Fight through increasingly difficult simulated arenas which are randomly generated with each playthrough.
  • Alien Hordes – Take on a host of (simulated) vicious alien invaders, recreated in immaculate detail.
  • Badass Bosses – Throw down against epically powerful bosses at the end of each level to put your skills and weapon to the test.
  • Unlockable Classes and Abilities – Unlock your co-worker’s simulation profiles gaining access to a selection of more than 40 unique abilities giving you the upper hand in alien-destroying combat.
  • Office Politics – Explore the DevTech offices as the intern Dewey Owens, who’s somehow managed to sneak in over the weekend. Even at the end of the world, there’s time to track down passive aggressive post-it notes from coworkers!

We will of course bring you more as and when we have it, including keeping you updated in regards any confirmed release date, but for now you could do a whole load worse than check out the trailer that has accompanied the news. Get to it, and prepare to save Earth!


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