We all love Batman. Most of us love Batman Arkham Origins. And that means there’s a damn load of us who will no doubt love the latest Batman Arkham Origins DLC that has come out today.

In the form of three differing pieces of content come the Arkham Origins Online – Supply Drop 1 (£1.99), the Black Mask Challenge Pack (£1.29) and an Infinite Earths Skin pack (£3.39).

Arkham Origins Online – Supply Drop 1 description:

The Arkham Origins Online Supply Drop 1 will give you an advantage in Online no matter what team you’re on. Get 2 additional clothing items for both Bane and Joker Characters with gameplay enhancing features and the all-new Sawn-Off Shotgun complete with additional weapon progression and skins.

batman supply drop

Black Mask Challenge Pack description:

Take on Gotham City’s most notorious criminal kingpin in the Black Mask Challenge Pack. Unlock two all-new Black Mask-themed challenge maps: Lot Full and Hidden Facility. Play as either Batman™ or Deathstroke and show Black Mask who really runs Gotham!  Note: To play as Deathstroke, you must own the Deathstroke Challenge Pack.

batman black mask

Infinite Earths Skin Pack description:

Customize Batman and Robin with these exclusive skins:  – Earth 2 Dark Knight  – Long Halloween Batman™ – Batman™: Dark Knight of the Round Table – Thrillkiller Batman™ – Earth 2 Batman™ – Classic Tim Drake Robin  Batman™ Skins can be used in the story campaign upon completion of the main story, in the challenge maps, and online. The Robin Skin can only be used online.  If you own the Batman™: Arkham Origins Season Pass, DO NOT purchase this content here as you will be charged again.
batman skins pack

As is always the case, all the above can be downloaded from the Xbox Games Store, or on your 360 console. If you are a Season Pass holder, keep an eye out for the skins pack becoming yours for free!



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