The addition of new Rock Band content each and every week is a welcome one in these parts, with any excuse to get the band together being snapped up. Today we are seeing new DLC tracks arrive for Rock Band 4, with both Seether and Gavin DeGraw starring.

Available right now are just two new downloadable songs for Rock Band 4 players to enjoy, with some South African rock and the theme to One Tree Hill now being in place…

  • Seether feat. Amy Lee – Broken
  • Gavin DeGraw – I Don’t Want To Be

Both tracks are available at £1.59 a piece, and no matter whether you are rocking out on Xbox One, or just want to hum along to the One Tree Hill theme on PS4, will find that your local digital store will happily give the gift of a download.

With such a cheap price tag, chances are this latest content will be snapped up by bands around the globe, especially those looking for something a little different to get their teeth in to.

But what about you? Are these tracks good enough to draw you in? Make sure you let us know your thoughts by posting in the comments section down below.


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