The Game Awards appears to have had everything last night, including the announcement of the RAGE 2 release date and a sweet new trailer full of chaos. Get ready to go anywhere, shoot whatever you want, and explode everything.

In RAGE 2, the wasteland is your playground as you wander around as Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland, in an open-world in which there are no rules and insanity is commonplace. It’s a bloody world featuring multiple biomes, some serious faction-on-faction action, bad-ass huge guns, crushing monster trucks, soaring gyrocopters and so much more. There’s even a whole load of mayhem to be had courtesy of Mutant Bash TV – a show that’s immensely popular in the wasteland. The massive open-world showcased in the newest trailer is pretty crazy and outlines the pure pandemonium that awaits you and your intense shooting talents.

But when will you be able to get involved in the carnage? Well, Avalanche Studios and Bethesda have set the RAGE 2 release date for 14th May, 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can already pre-order it on the Xbox Store for £49.99 now too.

How excited are you for this long-awaited sequel? Will you be partaking in the utter madness that RAGE 2 is sure to deliver? Get in touch and let us know after watching the trailer below!